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Not dead yet

I know you guys haven't seen me.  I'm currently offline (posting from someone else's computer) anyway I've been typing fic in from handwritten stuff and sometime in the next couple weeks I'll be doing updates on What Really Counts and Seperated by House, as well as a couple bits of things I haven't posted yet.  Keep an eye here and at TtH


Plotbunny farm

Earlier this year a friend of mine and I started a website called Plot Bunny Farm http://plotbunnyfarm.com/ as a multi-fandom challenge site.  Well its the first of the year, and one of *my* resolutions is to post more fic this year.  So I've committed to answering one challenge a month that's posted there.   Come on over and give me your plot bunnies. . .
Backstory, history of the formation of the Wizarding World for Separated by House.   Written in the form of a children's story.

FIC: Seperated by House snippet

Snippet somewhere in my Seperated by House universe.  No idea what I'm going to do with it, but just wanted you all to know I hadn't forgotten the story.  They're still not mine though, more's the pity.

*************"He's back."
"He can't be back.  you killed him years ago."
"And everyone though he was dead for the most of the first sixteen years of my life- or twelve depnding on who you ask.  I should have died."
"From everything you've ever said, you did die."
"I should have stayed dead then."
"Then who would have fought the Malfoys"
"You, Ron, Hermione, even maybe, I don't know, the adults?"
"Greg, once they brought you into it. . . I'm not sure we could have done as much as we accomplished with you."
"What did I accomplish?  Earning a shiny medal?  Another title?  I saved the world, only to see it destroyed.  Everything we had fought for, everything they DIED for.  My parents.  Cedic.  Sirius.  Colin.  Fred.  Remus.  Tonks.  The Finnegans.  The Creevys.  Countless muggles who never even knew about our world.  Ted Tonks.  Hell Professor Quirell and poor fucked up Tommy Riddle.  Lockhart is still in St. Mungos, and its been what, twenty five years? Penelope. . . "
"Stop it, Greg."
"Madame Sprout, Professor Trelawny, two centaurs I've *YET* to learn the names of.   Severus never even got a life trying to save mine.  Albus.  Mad-Eye.  Dobby and Hedwig for Merlin's sake.  Garbey Bes-"
"Harry.  Stop.  Please."
"You never call me that anymore."
"You told me not to."
"I killed them, Neville"

FIC: Seperated by House 3/?

Chase sat down casually.  "You have me at a disadvantage, Dr. Wilson.  You have my wand, and we're behind closed doors in your office."

"Yes, well, you also threw off my immobilization charm without one.  Besides, we're in a hospital.  Polite society would never duel in a place of healing."  Wilson sat in his chair and leaned back, wands sitting on his lap.

FIC: Seperated by House 2/?

Dr. Wilson sat beside the bed in the emergency room, holding the hand of his unconscious friend in both of his.  "How many times have we sat like this?  Either you or I in a hospital bed, the other sitting and watching.  How many times have we wondered how long it would take to regain conciousness- and how long until we would be let back out. "  The door open, and a nurse stepped in.  She looked at him oddly. "I didn't think he'd want to wake up alone."

She smiled, "thats so nice of you Dr. Wilson." and quickly checked House over, made a few notes and left the room.  Not much later the ER doctor entered after a brief knock.  "Dr. Wilson, you know the policy, no visitors in emergency for longer than fifteen minutes."
Alright, I've been playing with this one for a few weeks now, and I guess its time to start considering posting it. It actually has a storyline, unlike my usual drabbles, and is an answer to my own challenge #2471 on Twisting the Hellmouth. I don't own anyone, not even my cats :) All the NCIS people belong to CBS etc and BtVS belongs to the grr argh people.

Gibbs was injured in the '83 barracks bombing in Beirut rather than the Gulf War, and he lost his wife and daughter at that time. No other changes to canon prior to the start of this story, for either series (except of course my own mess ups :) ) not beta'd

FIC: Seperated by House 1/?

Notes in part 0

"Dr. House, I was wondering why. . . House, wake up" Dr. Allison Cameron sounded exasperated, walking around the desk to wake her supervisor, Dr. Greg House.  He wouldn't wake.  She checked, there was a pulse, and he was breathing.  "Chase, Foreman, get in here!" she yelled as she pulled a penlight out of her pocket.  She opened House's eyes, shining the bright light into them.  "House is unconcious, get a gurney."
Alright people, the closest I got to being a doctor is some time as an Army medic, and as I neither expect battlefield injuries nor dog tags in this story, I may get some of the medical stuff wrong.  Subtract twenty some odd years from the Harry Potter universe (as I recall, there's no real reference to what year it happens anyway) I don't own anyone, much less a hot doctor with a cane.

That's right, this story is DH compliant.  Everyone who died is still dead, I've even made a list in my personal notes of who was there and which of them died that weren't mentioned as having died (there was a mention of a total number of dead good guys)  There are only two changes to canon.  First, subtract about fifteen some-odd years from all of Harry Potter canon.  As I recall, there really isn't much mention of dates, but I want everyone to be aware that Harry Potter was born in July of 1968, went to Hogwarts in 1979 as a first year, and that Deathly Hallows took place in 1985-86.  Actually this bit doesn't matter all that much, unless I happen to mention dates, which I don't know whether I will or not.  Secondly, as far as I am concerned, there was no epilogue in Deathly Hallows.

Back on LJ

Alright, so I've suddenly remembered I have an LJ, where I haven't posted in, well awhile.  Anyway, I'm going to post some of my fic from elsewhere here.  As a warning.  I do not know any of the LJ formatting stuff yet.  If anyone can send me an idiot-proof link, feel free.

I'm currently working on four major fics; "Dreams of Death", a response to a challenge on TtH where Xander remembers Methos' life and works to get Methos and Angel back together.  an unnamed BtVS/Merry Gentry crossover,   "What Really Counts" a BtVS/NCIS crossover, and "Seperated by House" a House, MD/Harry Potter crossover that is DH compliant (except my copy doesn't have an epilogue, does yours? :) ) I will title any fic entries as Fic: Title and any ramblings about fic/fandom as Rambling: Title